Driving in Namibia

Adhere to the Speed Limits

Namibian has good road infrastructures; however there are notable road accidents on the roads attributed mostly to over speeding. Please note the speed limits.

Legal Speed Limits on the Namibian Roads:

Tarred/gravel roads in urban areas : 60 km/h
Tarred roads outside urban areas : 120 km/h
Gravel roads outside urban areas : 100 km/h

Safety Tips for a Pleasant Holiday

Drive on the left side of the road all the time.
Keep the headlights on all the time to increase visibility through the dust.
Drive with caution at all times
Do NOT drive at night (or at dawn and dusk) because there is a real danger of animals crossing the road.
Avoid driving over 80km/h on gravel roads because the loose surface can cause loss of control without any warning.

Make sure you are fully insured - vehicle, driver and passengers.
Ensure that your motor vehicle insurance covers driving on gravel roads within Namibia (and in neighbouring countries, if at all relevant).
Carry plenty of drinking water.
Top up your fuel tank at every opportunity.

Driving distances can be very long, so take frequent breaks.
Take care at road- side picnic spots because they are frequently targeted by thieves.
Carry a first-aid kit.
Punctures are common. If possible, carry two spare tyres.